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Send me a message on Ko-Fi or Discord to reserve a slot today!

Click here to check the Trello board for updates on current commission progress.

Things I will draw:

  • NSFW (commission the asexual for this at your own risk)

  • Light Kink (BDSM, rope play, etc.)

  • Moderate gore (blood, missing limbs, etc.)

  • Furries/Scalies

  • Monsters

  • Design Sheets

  • Original Characters

  • When in doubt, ask!

Things I will not/cannot draw:

  • Car/Vehicle Designs

  • Anything qualifying as Hate Speech or denigrating a minority population

  • Extreme gore/Guro


Pricing and Sliding Scale

ALL commissions should be discussed with me beforehand to make sure the final price is acceptable to all parties. I may add discounts, sliding scale, or incremental pricing based on customer needs, marginalized status (disabled, queer, BIPOC, etc), income, and other factors. Please communicate with me as much as possible!

Wait Time and Communication

As a warning, commission turnaround is currently unstable. I have multiple chronic disabilities that affect my ability to draw. If you require the piece by a specific deadline please include that in your initial description. Note that your commission may be rejected if the deadline is too soon, even if it’s the coolest thing ever. Most pieces, once begun, can be completed within 1-2 days. If it takes longer I will endeavor to keep you in the loop as to progress (with screencaps, when possible) at least weekly; If no contact has been made in two weeks feel free to reach out.


Each commission slot includes 3 posing, placement, and large detail adjustments during the rough sketch phase, and 3 color and fine detail adjustments during the later phases. PLEASE USE THESE IMMEDIATELY IF YOU ARE UNSATISFIED WITH SOMETHING. Failure to communicate your needs is not an acceptable explanation for a refund.If you want more adjustments than are provided, a fee will be negotiated at the time adjustments are requested.


Refunds are available only if I am unable to complete the piece as requested, such as when life events prevent me from working. BEING UNSATISFIED WITH A FINISHED PIECE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE REASON TO REQUEST A REFUND. You are given multiple free adjustments through the commission process, it is your responsibility to use them.I endeavor to be proactive with refunds; if I know I will be unable to finish the piece in a reasonable time frame I will reach out and ask if you want one. Otherwise, I ask that you wait for at least one month of no progress before requesting one.


All commissions are for individual, personal use only unless otherwise negotiated. You cannot sell them or use them to sell a product. You also cannot tell others that you made the piece yourself; if someone asks where it came from, you should direct them to me. You CANNOT USE MY WORK TO TRAIN ANY AI, EVER. Examples below are NOT comprehensive and only represent a small selection of possible uses. When in doubt, ask.Examples of proper use: Getting a personal print of the piece to show off to friends and family in your home, using as your own avatar on a website or in a personal character sheet, using your commissioned piece as an example for another commission.Examples of improper use: Using as a generic avatar in your website/game (even if you are not making money off of it), selling prints or products (such as t-shirts, mugs, etc.) of the piece to others, using the piece on your website/portfolio as your own work, using the piece to train a program (AI, machine learning algorithm, etc) for the purpose of image generation.If you are a commercial entity and/or want to inquire about commercial use of a commission you may message me on Ko-Fi or email me at [email protected] for commercial rates and rights licensing.

Ticking Head Creations is owned and operated by Asher Tully Paulson, slightly more well known on the internet as “tickyhead.”An avid fan of all kinds of geekdom and artistic mediums, Asher has a degree in Game Development with a specialization in concept art from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.Asher speaks in the third person a lot.Asher hopes you will have a nice day.